How to Make Both Speakers Work on Iphone?

Getting the good sound on speakers for better experience would be surely enthralling for you. It is actually great for people to pick optimal devices to hear out amazing experiences. There are people who are desperate to make their iphone work for both speakers; however, it isn’t possible as they are misguided regarding what they want.

We are looking into a guide for making both speakers work on an iphone for adding on to enthralling experience. People willing to know more about this aspect can actually get started with the guide mentioned below.

Make both speakers work on the iphone

You can practice different steps to make speakers work on the iphone. Let us take a closer look at it. for making your iphone sound fairly louder, then the optimal technique for it would be listening using the speakerphone function.

iPhone speaker

Step 1
Practice to turn the volume all the way up and to press the volume control on the side of the phone. Listen to music on speakerphone, and if the volume is good enough, then you can follow the below-mentioned tips.

Step 2
Look for a needle that is fine in nature and ensure that it is smaller than sewing machines needles and has sharper edges. Picking up the finest needle can surely come in handy for improving the sound quality of the iphone.

Step 3
Now turn the phone upside down and locate the speaker on the bottom of the phone. Ensure that you aren’t confused between turning the speaker on, not the microphone, as they look exactly alike. The microphone is actually located on the right side, whereas the speaker is located on the left side of the device.

iPhone speaker

Step 4
Take the pin and place it into the speaker once and listen to some music on the iphone and see if adds to music of the device and good enough for you. However, the sound of the device isn’t reliable and meeting your desires, and then it is better to poke the speaker and pin a couple of more times. Whenever pin is poked into the speaker, then thin plastic that covers the speaker would be punctured and, in turn, allows more sound to be escaped and allowing yourself to have better rest.

Step 5
Once you would stop poking, then notice if the sound is desired or not; if not, then you can practice for some more times. By poking the speaker with a fine needle would actually amplify the sound of the iphone up to 40%.

However, understand it is not easier for people to practice a sound amplifier. Henceforth, sticking to these tips to do both speakers would on an iphone be practiced for the better listening experience.

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