Is It Great To Pick Rear Speakers To Be Louder Than Front?

In the modern world, a variety of speakers is getting introduced that is assisting people in experiencing incredible sound quality. Setting up the surround sound system can turn into immense fun if practiced appropriately; if not, then it can be a hassling task to do.

Let us look into guide if rear speakers louder than the front and how they are going to turn amazing for your listening experience. It is essential to practice the right positioning of speakers for the right volume so as to know more to continue reading.

Putting rear speakers louder than front

People have been on a debate regarding the rear speaker’s placement and learning if it is better to put speakers louder than the front. Rear speakers are
actually responsible for helping with background noises, music along with enhancing some of the other sounds during your watching experience. Dialogue and main function in the show are mainly handled by front speakers.


However, it is essential for one to be familiar with to surround sound system’s working to understand whether it would be optimal or not to enhance rear speaker volume and to help people with a better viewing experience. There are actually three speakers taken into use when setting up the surround system. These three channels split the signal into multiple channels, and different sound will come out of speakers.

The most prominent speaker is the front speaker, so you have to be just extra cautious while setting it up. Whenever something happens in the speaker on the right, then you would hear sound on the right, actually. Surround speakers can work together with speakers for providing the sensation of movement; the reason behind this working is sound starts from the front and slowly moves behind you.


It is recommendable for you to keep front speakers volume higher than others so that the dialogue of the movie can be understood better. You can have a better experience of hearing while binge-watching your favorite shows. Speakers at the back mainly for the background noises and thus don’t require to be loud.

Ensure that you are not turning any of the speakers too high, as it would lead to problems surely. Over-emphasis can be caused if they tend to choose high volume for any of the speakers leading to poor viewing speakers. It is essential to work for the balance in the system, and back speakers should be slighter lower than front speakers.

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