How to Make a Bluetooth Walkie Talkie? Easy Guide for Beginners!!!

Voxer Pro offers a walkie talkie feature that enables one to use voxer hands-free using a Bluetooth wireless headset or wired headset. The walkie talkie mode allows users to listen to audio messages, receive audio messages, and don’t require to touch your phone for up to five chats and respond to one chat.

If you are curious about making a Bluetooth walkie talkie, consider reading out consider learning article until the end. We are here assisting with an apt guide on how to make Bluetooth on voxer and enjoying audio messages better.

How to connect Bluetooth walkie talkie?

walkie talkie featureThe easy way to respond to audio chats while working is something everyone desires to access. With the voxer feature of walkie talkie, you can easily access and respond to things that don’t require ample attention. You can stream audio messages in your wireless or wired headset even though your voxer is not open on your phone or even it is locked. With the activation of the Bluetooth device, you can turn on walkie talkie mode.

To turn on your headset settings should be turned on Bluetooth, pair your device with Bluetooth headset. Get into the app and turn on walkie talkie mode. Those who are using walkie talkie on the android mobile the settings need to be opened further preferences toggle on Bluetooth, you would be provided with Bluetooth devices that you should pair.

In the end, press and hold to record audio messages and release the audio messages and start recording the message. However, for ios devices, the walkie talkie feature is not provided. For the wired headsets, you can connect headsets to voxer plugging in the headset for your device. To connect Android devices, you need to go into the menu, then settings, preferences, and enable record using a headset. You can send the message at the times while recording one.

This feature is great for people who tend to listen to music online or do live streaming. For connecting Bluetooth to a walkie talkie, you can surely follow up on the details stated above and enjoy streaming live messages online or send them instantly without getting too much time for them. The walkie talkie feature of voxer enables people to respond easily without any hassle. It would surely be great for people who have to deal with audio messages a lot and want an easier way to respond to them.

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